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Judgement of the European Court of Human Rights

The court said that information on management of stray dogs by public authorities are of general interest and should be freely accessible

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Animal welfare missing in recent European Parliament vote for labelling of processed meat

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Online protest: Non-kept dogs and cats’ are NOT wild animals!

FOUR PAWS disapproves of European Commission’s plans to consider stray domestic animals as wild animals. Join our online protest !

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Welcome to the Latvian presidency of the EU

Latvia will preside the Council of the EU from January 1 2015 to July 1 2015

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Relaunch of the CAROdog and CAROcat websites

Leading EU cat and dog welfare websites launch new design and content

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Welfare of animals in experiments - The Netherlands taken to the EU Court

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Stray Animals - our sentient fellow creatures

Conclusions of expert workshop in Brussels

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