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  • FOUR PAWS included in the EU Commission’s Platform on Animal Welfare
  • FOUR PAWS PetDeception Campaign
    Campagne contre les ventes douteuses d’animaux
  • A new website for the EU Enforcement Network
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Our Projects

FOUR PAWS projects

  • Friendly Food
    The initiative aims to help consumers to make a responsible choice when they are buying animal products
  • Dogs for people
    The first Animal Assisted Therapy project in Romania, in which former stray dogs are selected and trained by experts to become therapy dogs
  • FOUR PAWS Bear parks
    With its seven Bear Parks, FOUR PAWS became a leader in rescuing and rehoming of Bears kept in bad conditions
  • Lions' Rock
    On this approximately 1,250 ha area, in South Africa, the FOUR PAWS Lions'Rock rescue park hosts some lions, tigers, zebras, gnus, horses and antelopes.