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Reforming animal Welfare legislation

All you need to know about the upcoming changes

live animal transport

intensive livestock farming and the environment 

The EU must act to secure a future for humans, animals and the planet 

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Full Traceability of Pets

The FOUR PAWS Model Solution for ending the illegal pet trade

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over 1.7 million EU citizens say no to fur farming


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is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

Our focus

We work to ensure that companion animals, farm animals and wild animals are legally protected from exploitation and abuse. 

We collaborate with policy makers and stakeholders in the EU to prevent illegal trade and other cruel commercial activities in both pets and wildlife, as well as to improve the lives of farm animals suffering in intensive farming systems and live transport.

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State of the Union 2023: Ursula von der Leyen’s forgotten Animal Welfare pledge

FOUR PAWS notes that commitments to improving animal welfare, in-line with the Commission's own plans, were conspicuous by their absence. Were all the promises empty talk? 

sheep arriving at sale yards

Why imports should be included in EU animal welfare legislation

As the European Commission prepares new laws to improve animal welfare across the bloc, it must not forget the key to a successful and smooth transition: making sure that the rules apply to imported products.

Bearded Dragon

Live Animal Transport: Different rules for different species

Currently, EU rules on the protection of animals during transport look the same for both farm and wild animals. Here's why we need to change this.

woman in meat section of supermarket

An animal welfare label that works for consumers

An 'animal welfare' food labelling system is a critical initiative that addresses the pressing ethical, environmental, and health concerns associated with animal agriculture.

day-old male chicks

Systematic killing of male chicks: Time to change the law

For too long, the systematic killing of millions of male chicks has been the norm for the egg industry. This year, the EU can put an end to this.

force-fed goose

The EU can end mandatory force-feeding in foie gras production

By simply deleting two lines in an EU regulation that define the minimum liver weights of duck and geese required for foie gras production, force-feeding practices can finally be put to an end.


The illegal pet trade: A cruel and profitable business

The EU now has the chance to put an end to a thriving illegal pet trade with the inclusion of identification and registration of pets in the upcoming Animal Welfare legislative proposals. 

intensive dairy farm

Despite serious warnings: cattle farming excluded from the Industrial Emissions Directive

The European Parliament votes to exclude cattle farming from the scope of the law meant to regulate pollution, emptying the regulation from its substance. 

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