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We did it! over 1.7 million EU citizens say no to fur farming


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Give animals a stronger voice in europe

Petition for an EU Commissioner for Animal Welfare

live animal transport

Live animal transport

It's time to ban long distance transport of live animals 

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Full Traceability of Pets

The FOUR PAWS Model Solution for ending the illegal pet trade

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Help animals injured in earthquakes



is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

Our focus

We work to ensure that companion animals, farm animals and wild animals are legally protected from exploitation and abuse. 

We collaborate with policy makers and stakeholders in the EU to prevent illegal trade and other cruel commercial activities in both pets and wildlife, as well as to improve the lives of farm animals suffering in intensive farming systems and live transport.

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The European Parliament must maintain the 150 LSU threshold for the IED, not give the livestock sector another free pass.

The Industrial Emissions Directive should serve as an effective measure to prevent pollution by targeting the biggest emitters in the sector and safeguarding animal welfare.  

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Celebrating Europe's Native Species for World Wildlife Day!

Wild animals play a crucial role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. It is important we remember that protecting them benefits us all.

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Record breaking numbers of EU Citizens call on the European Commission to end Fur Farming

ECI Fur Free Europe has received a record-breaking collection of signatures over a ten-month period. 


Research shows an EU-wide Positive list is needed to prevent the illegal trade of exotic pets between Member States

A Positive List is expected to be one of the most comprehensive and effective ways to reduce the rise of exotic animal pets in Europe by harmonizing domestic law. 

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De-mystifying the role of Trophy Hunting in conservation

Recent event by the ECR continued to perpetuate misinformation about the role of CITES and trophy hunting for conservation 

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Live Animal Transport: Member States divided, but the Commission remains in favour of real reform

Stella Kyriakides stated that animal transport is a key part of the revision process and a “high priority for the Commission”

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Pet Breeding, Trade and Traceability: Challenges and the way ahead

A workshop organised by FOUR PAWS gathered decision-makers to discuss pet trade challenges and the implementation of the VeriPet system 

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Eight Member States seek to blunt the ambition of EU new laws on animal welfare

Animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS alarmed calling on EU Agricultural Ministers to stop suffering of livestock

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