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Stray Animals

FOUR PAWS Stray Animal Care (SAC) has demonstrated an animal-friendly strategy that helps stray animals - neutering. In just one location, a FOUR PAWS team can neuter and vaccinate hundreds of stray animals within a week, costing less than it would to kill and dispose of the animals. For the animals this means their lives are saved and they receive treatment for disease and injuries.

“Catch – Castrate – Release” – the “CCR” method is used when working with stray animals in our SAC projects. The systematic treatment, neutering and vaccination of stray dogs and cats has been practiced by FOUR PAWS ever since we started back in 1998.


Our projects are running successfully in Romania and Bulgaria, but other countries such as India, Egypt, Jordan, Croatia and Sri Lanka have also been helped by our SAC projects. As a result thousands of animals now live in better conditions – partly because our team only works in cities where we have managed to get the support of the local authorities secured by binding contracts and the will to improve the situation in their counties.


FOUR PAWS also owns mobile clinics, which are helpful in places that do not have the facilities to perform operations or other treatments.

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