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Ukrainian bear rehabilitation centre Synevyr

Rescued bears Benya, Juri, Bubouchka, Potap, Rosa and Ira have settled in well and are enjoying their new life.


From depressed and shy to handsome and self confident! Benya was known as the “vacuum-cleaner” when he arrived in the bear park. Whenever the keepers would give the bear food, it was gone within a split-second. Accompanied by happy growling noises.

© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

The wholesome food has done him good. He has a little belly and is now a very good looking big bear. His height, together with his strength gave him the confidence a bear should eradiate. Furthermore his fur is delightful. His favorite activity is to jump in the pond and play with the wooden toys floating around. Juri should really watch out, Benya is a serious candidate for the alpha-male position!


His perfectly shaped round face with his cute ears fascinate the visitors and make them want to hug him. But when Juri moves around with his favorite friend Bubouchka, they re-think this idea.

© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

When these bears are out together and are playing, it looks like David and Goliath are out in the park. But despite his strength, Juri is really lenient towards his much smaller friend.  When Bubouchka is not bothering him with her demands to play, he busies himself with the rolling log that contains tasty food. 


Bubouchka still is full of youthful recklessness. She shows no fear of the much bigger and powerful Juri. When Juri is not as playful as she wishes, she runs around by herself as though she had been stung by a wasp

© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

But some of her energy is always saved for the time she gets to play with Potap, who is roughly her age and understands how she likes to play. It is simply a pleasure to watch this little fur-ball jumping and running around. Bubouchka really knows how to bring a smile to the face.


Potap is hardly recognizable from when he arrived. The small and frightened bear has made a big leap forward. His fur is beautifully multicolored and shimmers like it had been groomed for an eternity. His stature is perfect for the upcoming winter and he moves around with the “I´m king of the world” confidence of youth.


But he still knows his postion and makes big circles around Juri and Benya. Potap knows these bears are a little bit big for him to play with. Ira is also not a close friend. She injured his ear. Nothing dramatic but it still left a scar. But when Potap is out with his best friend Bubouchka and Rosa, he is at ease and they play together as young bears should.


Rosa has also put on some weight which gives her the look of a bigger bear. But even though Rosa has gone through some changes whilst being in the Bear Rehabilitation Centre, she still is young at heart. She is no longer scared but is still cautious when seeing new things.


Besides Potap, her close friend (he is the only one who is allowed to take leftover food out of her box), she only tolerates Bubouchka. But has settled in well with her surroundings, avoiding the other bears as much as possible and just enjoying herself with her favorite past-time: bathing. That she can do for hours on end, splashing and playing. Despite her attraction to water, she interestingly does not like fish at all.




Ira is Ira. The granny will not change her attitude or behavior now. She is happy with lying in her box, bedding herself on the straw and sleeping most of the day. If the other bears bother her, she will let them know instantly. And when she decides to display her mood, the other bears are alert immediately.

Ira is not fascinated by the enrichment-elements and toys, but she keeps her nose close to the ground and probably gathers lots of information about the other bears.