The European Commission Building

The European Union is asking you for your opinion on animal welfare legislation!

With this Public Consultation, the European Commission is asking the public to give feedback on current and future animal welfare legislation! Use this chance to have your say!


In the upcoming year, the European Commission is putting most of the laws and regulations concerning animal welfare through a thorough fitness check. They will evaluate whether the legal framework is still adequately protecting the animals in the European Union. As part of this longer process, the European Commission has launched a Public Consultation to give all European residents the chance to share their opinions and priorities. 

By participating and filling out the questionnaire, you can help provide a kinder and safer future for all animals in Europe. The video below will help you to fill out the form and at the bottom of the page you can find answers to common questions and a few explanations about how the consultation process works. Can the animals count on your voice?

You can fill the consultation out here:

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How does a Public Consultation work?

The European Commission launches an online form that can be answered by members of the target demographic. In this case, the target audience are all private people and organisations interested in EU Animal Welfare law. Once the consultation has ended, the European Commission reads, analyzes and evaluates the answers and the outcome then influences the further decision making process.

Why is it so important to fill out the questionnaire?

This is our chance to show the European Commission, that animal welfare is a priority for Europeans. It is the EU's job to represent the interest of its citizens and we need them to now that animal welfare is one of those interests!

Why are we not asking for better keeping conditions for foxes, mink and raccoon dogs?

Those animals are only farmed for their fur and species appropriate keeping conditions can never be provided on fur farms. Therefore, we are calling for a ban on all fur farming activities rather than improved keeping conditions. 

Will my answers actually be taken into consideration?

Yes! The European Commission can't fulfill the demands and wishes of every single person who answered the questionnaire, but if enough people demand improved conditions, it will certainly have a positive impact on future legislation!