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Problems with keeping wild animals


Circus companies do not fulfil even the minimum requirements of animal protection . There is usually no sufficiently structured outdoor enclosure available. Severe deficiencies in the keeping of the animals are the order of the day.

The results:

  • Many animals suffer from behavioural disturbances
  • Many circus animals find themselves in bad health, are incorrectly fed and insufficiently looked after when they become sick. Often there is a lack of knowledge and money for looking after the animals.
  • Up to fifty times a year circus animals are transported from show location to show location, which means additional stress for the animals. Due to the numerous journeys, the animals spend a large part of their lives in transport wagons.
  • If deficits are found during checks by the authorities, a lot of circuses simply change their location and thereby elude the influence of the veterinary authorities.
  • The authorities often have their hands tied even when there are large infringements of the animal protection laws. This is because suitable accommodating possibilities like collection stations or free places in well run animal parks are missing. Often animals can therefore not be taken into custody and must continue to suffer under the miserable conditions.


Only a consistent prohibition on the keeping of wild animals in circuses can solve this problem.