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LIONSROCK – Refuge for victims of the hunting industry

FOUR PAWS offers lions that were able to be rescued from breeding farms a secure and species appropriate place to live out their lives at LIONSROCK. In the South African big cats sanctuary, there are lions from both breeding and hunting farms; they have been spared an end as a trophy.


These animals will remain until the end of their days at LIONSROCK. They will not be sold and may not be bred or hunted.

Sick by hand raising

Many inhabitants of LIONSROCK came into this world at lion breeding farms. Through being raised by hand and sometimes due to inbreeding, some of these lions are suffering from health problems. The lioness Limpi has been suffering from severe arthritis since she was three, the four year old Ghenges has problems with his hips. The lions need medical treatment; in the worst case, only an operation can help.

Trophies via internet

The lion Kimba was born in 2002 in the current area of LIONSROCK, which at the time was not a FOUR PAWS project. The former farm owner offered Kimba in the internet as a hunting trophy. When FOUR PAWS took over the land in 2007, this practice was laid to rest. Now this area is used as a big cats sanctuary; FOUR PAWS is saving the lions from a sad fate as hunting trophies. At LIONSROCK, these animals enjoy the rest of their lives in large, natural enclosures – they are in safety.

You can learn more about the LIONSROCK project here