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"The North Face" clothes filled up with down of force fed animals

FOUR PAWS calls on clothing industry to stop using grey down geese

FOUR PAWS and British publication “Sunday Times” exposed yesterday The North Face using feathers from force fed grey down geese to produce their clothes. Celebrities such Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway or Renee Zellweger use to wear clothes made by “The North Face”. Four Paws call on celebrities and consumers to stop buying clothes from worst animal suffering in the world until the company steps out of cruel policies.

After “Patagonia”, now outdoor jacket giant “The North Face” face admitted, what they denied for years. Confronted with the proofs of FOUR PAWS investigations, they confirmed the ugly truth about their down. Grey down geese used in their jackets and sleeping bags is sourced from the force feeding industry. The downs kept in battery cages of the fat liver industry in Hungary are cheap. Therefore it represents a good source to make a large profit out of expensive outdoor clothes while the company claims to be “green”.

Force feeding is banned in the most countries of the EU. In California/USA, the home country of the outdoor giant "The North Face" even the sale of the ill liver called foie gras, as well as the force feeding is a crime by law. But the profit from the liver is only a part of the profit of this reckless animal suffering industry. The grey down increases the profit with up to 15% per each goose. “The North Face” assured not to use down from force feeding for years. But the truth looks different: North Face is using down from Hungary. It is not a big secret what grey down breed is used for in this country. "White goose is for meat and kept free range, while the grey goose mostly end up in narrow cages and are force fed 3 times a day until they are dead sick." said Marcus Müller, FOUR PAWS campaigner. Now another myth of North should be questioned: “The North Face committed many years ago to stop using feathers from life plucked grey downs. Is this barbarian method really out of the jackets and sleeping bags if it still practiced widely in the Hungarian fatty liver industry?”, added Muller.

The use of down from the factory farms of the force feeding industry puts a huge question mark to the promises on traceability, consumer protection and green sourcing.
"While over a billion of people worldwide are suffering of hunger, this down comes from animal factory farming that is wasting gigantic masses of corn. The companies speak about their environmental footprint but they use down spoiling the environment, wasting water and important resources. "This irresponsible policy shows the real face of this outdoor clothes company. Using cheap down from questionable sources to sell clothes for a very big price to nature and animal lovers is like cheating. We are sure that our beloved artists such as Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway or Renee Zellweger have no idea about what they are wearing. We expect from them to take personal and public action to convince The North Face to step out of animal cruelty" ended Müller.

FOUR PAWS demands from “The North Face” and “Patagonia” to fully stop using grey down in their clothes. The jackets in the shelves should be immediately labeled as such.