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History of milestones for Stray Dogs in Europe

2002: Start of VIER PFOTEN Stray Animal Care projects (Sterilization and Care of Stray Dogs and stray cats) in several eastern States like Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia.





February 27th: Parliamentary Evening organised by FOUR PAWS European Policy Office in Brussels "The Community Animal Health Strategy and current solutions for the Stray Dogs problem in Eastern Europe"


October 7th and 8th: 1st CAROdog conference Systematic and Science-based Solutions for the Management of Stray Dogs in Europe, Brussels.  It was the first conference that addressed issue of Stray Dogs at the European level and a forerunner of the CAROdog website, initiated by the European Policy Office in Brussels together with the Permanent Representation of Austria to the European Union.



2009: The Lisbon Treaty TFEU came into force. Its new Article 13 states that EU institutions and Member States "shall pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals" as animals are "sentient beings".



2010, October 4th and 5th: 2nd CAROdog conference "Companion Animals Responsible Ownership", Brussels. Launch of CAROdog website initiated by the European Policy Office in Brussels and the Istituto G. Caporale.






May 5th and 6th: CAROdog conference "First Conference on Animal Welfare in responsible ownership of companion animals in the Baltic States", Vilnius, focusing on responsible ownership of companion animals in the Baltic States. There were over 200 participants initiated by the European Policy Office in Brussels, the EU,  the Lithuanian Agricultural Ministry and the Istituto G. Caporale.


June 6th - October 13th: Adoption of the Written Declaration n°26 of the European Parliament on dog population management requiring from Member States to adopt strategies, considering Animal Welfare, limit the number of Stray Dogs


July 26th: Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights "Georgel and Georgeta Stoicescu c/ Romania" has been condemned to pay a large amount of compensation to the widower of a Romanian woman who was attacked by seven Stray Dogs in front of her house in Bucharest, back in October 2000. The court decision was taken based on the violation of Article 8 (respect of private life) and Article 6 par. 1 (access to court).


October - November: The Romanian Parliament voted a law permitting to any Mayor in the country to kill Stray Dogs three days after catching it. FOUR PAWS and two Romanian Animal Welfare organisations as well as politicians across party lines brought an action before the Constitutional Court.





November 17th and 18th: CAROdog 2nd technical workshop: "Canine traceability in the EU - Towards an EU-wide compatible I&R system of the Expert group" (Teramo, Italy) initiated by the CAROdog partners FOUR PAWS and the Istituto G Caporale.







January 4th: Following the request of the European Parliament with Written Declaration 26, the municipality of Sofia (Bulgaria) has officially announced that microchips will be implanted to all neutered Stray Dogs in the city in order to control more effectively their number.


January12th: the Romanian constitutional court rejected two Articles of the law, estimated unconstitutional the freedom let to the Mayor to kill Stray Dogs. Eight of the nine judges of the

constitutional court voted against the new legislation.


January 19th: Publication by the EU Commission of the new Animal Welfare Strategy, companion animals are mentioned.


January 24th and 25th: Start of the CALLISTO project of the EU Commission


February 4th and 5th: "Responsible ownership of dogs, cats and horses, Practical Workshop for dogs, cats and horses owners”, Vilnius, Lithuania organised by CAROdog, VIER PFOTEN and FCI Lithuania.