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The CAROdog and CAROcat projects

NEW: A new special focus on Identification and Registration has been launched

From July to December, the CAROdog and CAROcat websites will focus on identification and registration of dogs and cats in Europe. 


Since its early days, the CARO project has actively sought to promote responsible dog and cat ownership. It has pioneered this issue in the EU by identifying its key elements, which include personal commitment on the part of individual pet owners and legislative action at the Member State and European level, together with public information and education campaigns and systematic birth control.On the legislative front, mandatory Identification and Registration (I&R) of companion animals has been singled out as a fundamental tool to promote companion animal welfare.

EU-wide I&R would have numerous positive effects: helping to reunite lost or stolen pets with their families; combating illegal breeding activities, which cause immense animal suffering and countless deaths; preventing abandonment of pets and overpopulation of strays; and detecting possible sources of epidemics and other health risks.


Some politicians, at all levels, have tried to argue that such a Europe-wide system is not feasible. However, it is a realistic goal, as has been demonstrated by the CARO EU Canine Experts group and in many conferences, workshops and seminars. Indeed, in some Member States best practices are already in place – even at the EU level. With the aim of pointing out concrete ways forward, the CARO websites will use their Special Focus section over the next few months to share I&R-related information we have collated. Forming the basis of a sustainable solution strategy, it will present the views and experience of individual experts and organisations that have been actively working on the I&R front.


These documents will represent the wide range of issues that should be addressed in an effective I&R strategy, and we trust that you will find them both interesting and useful.


We hope that the sharing of this information will also help to generate the political will within the EU institutions to establish an EU-wide harmonised I&R system, which would help millions of animals and the families they live with. In the longer term, it might even result in there being no more abandoned animals in shelters and in the streets.


New web content will be added regularly, so we invite you to visit this site regularly.


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The special focus page

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The CAROdog ( and CAROcat (  Websites are a concrete attempt to provide, generate and disseminate reliable knowledge about cats and dogs in Europe, focusing on canine and feline overpopulation and - in consequences - on all resulting animal welfare problems.


CAROdog and CAROcat websites are knowledge management tools. It promotes sustainable and animal-welfare friendly, EU-wide ethical solutions for stopping dog overpopulation.

In order to end the suffering of companion animals, a culture of responsible ownership has to be developed by disseminating information and promoting education, identification, registration, preventive veterinary medicine and birth control.

The European Commission and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) support the website with their expertise and have agreed to place their representatives on its editorial board. Together they are creating a reliable knowledge-based system.


The initiators are the international animal welfare organisation VIER PFOTEN (based in Austria and with nine national offices in ten European Member States and a Representation to the EU in Brussels) and the Istituto "G.Caporale" in Teramo, Italy, the OIE Collaborating Centre for veterinary training, epidemiology, food safety and animal welfare.

This Website is a knowledge management tool. It promotes sustainable and animal welfare friendly, EU wide ethical birth control solutions to end the suffering of companion animals and to tackle public health problems due to canine overpopulation. This goal can be only reached by developing a culture of responsible ownership. An overall strategy has to be based on:

  • public information and education and trainings of professionals
  • EU wide animal identification & registration and traceabilliity
  • preventive veterinary medicine
  • systematic birth control programs per country

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is composed by representatives of VIER PFOTEN/FOUR PAWS, Istituto G. Caporale, Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) and European Commission.




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