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No More Dog and Cat Fur in the EU


Success for FOUR PAWS Campaign

In Asia, two million dogs and cats die for fur products every year. Many animals are specially bred for the fur industry, others are simply caught in the streets.

Even furs from dogs that are used for meat production in Asian countries could make their way into international trade. Many animals have to live in tiny wire cages. Brutal methods of killing are the order of the day, with some animals having their fur ripped of their still living bodies. These furs make their way into the European Union as trimming on clothes, decoration articles or toys. Today, Europe is seen as the most important market.

The aim of the FOUR PAWS campaign in 2007 was an EU-wide, strict import ban for those furs. Many animal lovers supported us and have sent more than 160.000 e-mails to the Minsters of Agriculture in the EU Member States.

In June 2007, the EU Parliament voted for a comprehensive import and trading ban of dog and cat fur throughout the European Union. The new regulation is the result of a long negotiation process between the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the EU Commission. It is in effect since 2009, with this  there is an end to any imports of dog and cat fur products to the European Union. A big success for the FOUR PAWS Campaign!