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FOUR PAWS provides disaster relief in flooded Myanmar regions



10,000 animals fed and saved from starvation in the aftermath of the floods


Yangon, 22 August 2016 - The annual monsoon season has flooded several regions in Myanmar, including vast tracks of farmland, and disrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. More than 50,000 animals are caught up in the crisis and a FOUR PAWS Disaster Relief team was active in the regions of Magway, Bago, Mandalay and Ayeyarwaddy last week to provide thousands of farm animals, mostly cows, with food. To reach the affected people and their animals efficiently and quickly, the international animal welfare organisation is cooperating on the ground with its partner organisation Mingalar Myanmar development agency.


FOUR PAWS supported 50 tons of animal feed, which helped to provide for about 10,000 animals in total. Some of the animals were also treated medically. Jackson Zee, FOUR PAWS Director of Disaster Relief, organised the food distribution and supported logistics on site: “Myanmar is in great need of assistance with animals during this flood, humanitarian aid already exists but little is done for the animals. One of the main challenges is to get the food where it is actually needed. Especially, remote areas with little infrastructure are desperately in need of help. Many people there are very much dependent on their animals as part of their livelihood.”


In still flooded areas, the FOUR PAWS team consisting of veterinarians and logistics persons, as well as the many local supporters, needed to rely on small boats to get the food to the hungry animals. Zee: “When cattle live in flood plains, they cannot rest or sleep in the water, their food spoils from the unsanitary flood water and they have to be relocated to high ground by their owners. In some townships, the roads are impassable due to flood waters and the only way to get to our distribution site is by boat. “


FOUR PAWS already conducted a rapid response mission to Myanmar last year to combat the effects of a devastating cyclone that had laid waste to large areas of Myanmar and to take care of nearly 20,000 animals.