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19.12.2016          Successful FOUR PAWS campaign to rescue Europe’s saddest bears

15.12.2016          FOUR PAWS ends illegal keeping of brown bears in Poland

08.12.2016          FOUR PAWS’ campaign against deceptive selling of pets online gains +100,000 supporters

22.11.2016          Two of Europe’s saddest bears rescued

08.11.2016          A new home for leopard Bakari

03.11.2016          FOUR PAWS supports rescue of last wild animals from a circus in Serbia

06.10.2016          New Al Ma’wa Wildlife Reserve in Jordan opens its doors to rescued animals

03.10.2016          What a difference! Former inhabitant of Gaza zoo Laziz can finally be a proud tiger

 28.09.2016          Happy ending for three of Europe’s saddest bears

15.09.2016          FOUR PAWS campaign brings help to Europe’s saddest bears

31.08.2016          Hope for the saddest bears in Europe 

29.08.2016          Finally: Happy ending for Gaza zoo animals from Khan Younis

24.08.2016          “Worst zoo in the world” now history: FOUR PAWS gets animals safely out of Gaza

22.08.2016          FOUR PAWS provides disaster relief in flooded Myanmar regions

22.08.2016          Gaza Zoo: Baby deer dies shortly before arrival of FOUR PAWS rescue team 

18.08.2016          FOUR PAWS closes “worst zoo in the world”

23.06.2016          Pet Deception: FOUR PAWS reveals risks of online pet trade

03.03.2016          World Wildlife Day

17.02.2016          2015 A successful year for Stray Animal Care projects

01.02.2016          FOUR PAWS: Stray dogs help children with disabilities

18.01.2016          FOUR PAWS: Executive floor expands 

18.01.2016          Emotional images from FOUR PAWS orangutan rescue station in Borneo