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Switzerland bans the anonymous online trade of dogs


FOUR PAWS urges global classified ad platforms to follow

Brussels, 15.1.2018 – Switzerland takes a giant step against anonymous pet trafficking on the Internet: from 1 March 2018, online traders will have to provide their full name and address, as well as the country of origin and breeding of the dogs offered for sale. International animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS sees the Swiss decision as the leading change required in the industry. For over a year now, FOUR PAWS has been calling on national and international providers of classified ad sites – most notably the US Internet giant eBay – to introduce compulsory seller verification in order to stop the anonymous online pet trade. Nearly 100,000 supporters worldwide have signed this request to eBay since mid-December 2017.



Thanks to imaginative usernames, pet traders can currently sell their dogs anonymously on online classified sites in Switzerland. Due to a revision of the animal welfare ordinance, however, this will soon be over.


"It is a great achievement for animal welfare that online dog traders in Switzerland will have to state their real name and address. This makes Switzerland one of the pioneer countries in regulating the online trade in pets. We hope that many other countries will follow the Swiss example. We will see how this law is implemented by the classified ad sites and if any fraudulent misuse will be efficiently hindered. This is the only way animals and buyers can be protected from unscrupulous puppy traders," says Julie Sanders, International Director of Companion Animals Programme at FOUR PAWS.



The responsibility of the online platforms

In the future, the providers of classified ad sites in Switzerland will have to ensure that the data of pet traders are fully recorded with the exact implementation is currently being developed. International animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS, who submitted recommendations on how best to regulate the online trade through the revision of the Swiss ordinance, welcomes the online platforms being given more responsibility.


"Requesting complete seller data is a good start. Although we are concerned that the validity of the information may not be adequately controlled. Hence, we are asking all classified sites – also outside of Switzerland – to introduce a mandatory seller verification by means of an identity check on all sellers," says Sanders.