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“Wild Animal Rescue” series - must-watch for every animal lover in 2017


An exciting story of six tigers’ journey from the Netherlands to South Africa on Animal Planet


Brussels, 16 January 2017 – The first episode of the brand new series “Wild Animal Rescue” was broadcasted by Animal Planet on Wednesday, January 11. The series follows the people from the international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS as they go on challenging and sometimes dangerous rescue missions to give wild animals a better life. All six parts of Wild Animal Rescue raise awareness of the plight of animals suffering in captivity around the globe.


“It was an exciting and challenging time – I filmed FOUR PAWS’ animal rescues for more than 18 months and could witness how often wild animals are being neglected. Killed for profit, their habitats under threat, captured and made to live in cramped spaces, poorly fed and destined to live out their lives in misery unless someone takes action”, says Anton Leach, Producer and Director of Wild Animal Rescue. “I hope the series will raise awareness of animal welfare issues globally and the good example of FOUR PAWS will mobilize viewers to become more humane and help the animals in need.”


Wild Animal Rescue follows FOUR PAWS on daring missions including two lion cubs rescued from a Gaza refugee camp; a dramatic six tiger transfer from The Netherlands to a purpose built home in South Africa; restaurant bear rescues and rehabilitation in Kosovo; the Wild Horses of the Danube Delta are saved from the slaughter house; and a mission into The Gaza Strip to close ‘The World’s Worst Zoo’ and relocate the remaining animals to Jordan, Israel and South Africa.


“It was a pleasure for us to work with Anton Leach and we are very proud that our efforts were documented and will be seen by a great audience of Animal Planet in many countries around the globe”, says Ioana Dungler, Director of Wild Animals Department at FOUR PAWS. “Wild Animal Rescue is a must-watch series for every animal lover in 2017. We believe people will enjoy the show and hope for their support of our future projects”.

© FOUR PAWS | Bogdan Baraghin

The first episode of the series features a drama packed mission flying six Siberian tigers – two parents and their four children - from the Netherlands to South Africa. Two adult tigers Cromwell and Juno were saved from very bad keeping conditions in a British zoo, stayed in the Big Cat Centre FELIDA in the Netherlands where they had two litters and finally were transported to a huge species appropriate enclosures in Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK in South Africa.


FOUR PAWS is an international animal welfare organisation with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and offices in 11 other countries. FOUR PAWS aims to help animals in need directly and quickly and has sanctuaries around the world providing protection and rehabilitation to a wide range of animals from often atrocious conditions. The organisation has made over 160 successful rescues to date, ranging from seizing abused tigers from a German circus, removing illegally housed bears in Europe and intervening on behalf of lions destined to be shot by wealthy tourists from various ‘canned hunting’ lion farms in South Africa.


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