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This is how happy the former saddest bears of Europe are today



FOUR PAWS: the superb recovery of Tomi, Gjina and Pashuk


Prishtina/Brussels, January 25, 2017 - "A picture is worth a thousand words.“ – true words in the case of the Albanian bears, who were rescued by FOUR PAWS in summer 2016. Tomi, Gjina and Pashuk now live in FOUR PAWS BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina and can finally – after years of suffering – enjoy their lives.


All three are former „restaurant bears“ and were kept in tiny cages and showcased for the guests. Tomi and Gjina had to drink up to 20 bottles of beer a day. Bear Pashuk in turn suffered from ineffable pain, because the chain which was strapped on him when he was a cub, had gradually grown into his neck. With the help of the Albanian authorities, FOUR PAWS managed to get the bears confiscated and brought them to Prishtina.


The three bears recovered quickly from their past ordeals. Afrim Mahmuti, Site Manager BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, reports: “Especially skinny Gjina is as totally different bear: She gained weight and her former shaggy coat is now full and  shiny. Pashuk was very shy at the beginning, but now he is a confident bear, who really likes to play. And then there is Tomi, who already seemed to be simply happy and relaxed from the very beginning when he arrived at BEAR SANCTAUYR Prishtina.” But as mentioned at the beginning, the photos are speaking for themselves anyway…



Bear Pashuk
© VIER PFOTEN | Hazir Reka

Bear Tomi
© VIER PFOTEN | Hazir Reka

Bear Gjina
© VIER PFOTEN | Hazir Reka