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FOUR PAWS strives to regulate the online trade in pets on eBay's classified ad sites


Online classified ad sites can be used to disguise the true source of animals offered for sale, and the conditions under which they have been bred, raised and transported. FOUR PAWS has been researching and investigating activities related to the pet trade on eBay classified ad sites over the last three years and has found evidence of illegal, irresponsible and suspicious selling of animals.
eBay, as one of the largest providers of online classified ad sites with eleven classified sites world-wide including Gumtree, Marktplaats, eBay Kleinanzeigen, is, sadly, still part of the problem, rather than being part of the solution.
FOUR PAWS CEO has now sent a letter to the CEO of eBay urging the company to commit to implementing three fundamental standards by 2018, namely:
1. Introduction of seller identify verification for animal sales
2. Introduction of an animal welfare policy with rules regarding animal sales
3. Enforcement of both these standards