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Press releases 2016

30.10.2016          Georgieva to lead the World Bank, FOUR PAWS calls for stronger action on animal welfare


09.09.2016          A new website for the EU Enforcement Network 


28.07.2016          ECJ decision on long-transport of live animals: Regulation 1/2005 has been clarified


23.06.2016          International experts propose a roadmap to the EU Commission on improving the welfare of dogs and cats in the EU.


16.03.2016          EU Cat and Dog survey


15.03.2016          Second Eurobarometer on Animal Welfare


08.03.2016          Final vote of the Animal Health Law 


25.02.2016          MEPs vote in favour for the introduction of mandatory identification and registration of dogs and cats in Europe


18.02.2016          EU - Parliamentary Committee on Environment votes: Less antibiotics for farm animals


15.02.2016          An EU Animal Welfare Platform


09.02.2016          Debate in the EU Parliament on identification and registration of companion animals