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Launch of the Animal Welfare Platform by the European Commission



FOUR PAWS welcomes the launch of the Animal Welfare Platform by the Commission


Update: for further information on the progress of the platform, please click here


Brussels, 25.01.2017 - FOUR PAWS welcomes the initiative of the Commission to create an Animal welfare platform, bringing together stakeholder experts around a comprehensive animal welfare strategy, giving the opportunity to contribute and exchange knowledge on best practice, related to law enforcement, science and education.


On 24 January 2017, Vytenis Andriukaitis, Commissioner in charge of Health and Food Safety announced the adoption for the creation of the Platform. It will focus on three main priorities: the implementation of EU law; commitments to go beyond legal standards without additional legislation; the promotion of existing animal welfare standards. Already in 2015, together with 41 other animal welfare organisations, FOUR PAWS signed an open letter aiming to support the Joint Declaration on the creation of an EU Animal Welfare Platform.


Pierre Sultana, Director for FOUR PAWS, European Policy Office in Brussels, shares his view on the announced adoption of the creation of the Platform: “we welcome the platform and we recognise the need to improve the implementation and the enforcement regarding EU legislation on animal welfare.” Gathering all stakeholders is therefore a crucial step forward for the implementation. He underlines that “knowing that a wide majority of EU citizens are concerned for the protection and the improvement of the welfare of animals, consumers’ awareness and involvement is crucial."


Pierre Sultana stresses however that “nevertheless, there is at present a need for new specific legislations regarding certain animal species. Should solutions not be found within the platform, the Commission will have to consider revising the existing legislation on animal welfare.”


In 2012, FOUR PAWS European Policy Office created the EU Enforcement Network of Animal Welfare Lawyers and Commissioners. Since its creation, it has been active in the European enforcement regarding the existing EU animal welfare legislation, emphasizing the need to have a solid framework in order to obtain specific results and to improve and support enforcement of EU animal welfare legislation in the Member States and the Animal welfare strategy set by the EU Commission.





VIER PFOTEN/ FOUR PAWS is an Austrian-based international animal welfare organisation with offices in ten European countries, South Africa, the USA and Australia. FOUR PAWS was founded in 1988 in Austria, and in 2003 the organisation became FOUR PAWS International. Since 2007, FOUR PAWS has had a European Policy Office in Brussels which aims to strengthen animal welfare at the European level by influencing European policies and the legal framework. With the aim of consolidating the consideration of companion animals and the responsible ownership principle in EU policies, in 2010 the office created the CAROdog platform (“Companion Animal Responsible Ownership”), followed in 2013 by the CAROcat platform, and has established the EU Traceability Experts Group. With its European Policy Office, VIER PFOTEN/ FOUR PAWS has a long standing experience in consultancy on Animal Welfare in Brussels. The main goal is to improve the consideration and the protection of farm animals, wild animals and companion animals at EU level to reach at least responsible ownership through better legislation, but also better enforcement.


Contact information:

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