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European parliament recognises the importance to promote the welfare of animals in the Garment sector


FOUR PAWS welcomes the adoption of the Initiative report on the EU Flagship initiative on the garment sector

Brussels, 21.03.2017 – The International animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS is pleased with today’s adoption of the Initiative report on EU flagship initiative on the garment sector calling on the Commission to bring forward legislation in the field of the textile and fashion industry and congratulates the rapporteur on this file, Madam SANCHEZ CALDENTEY for her success.


It is well-known that the garment sector is still nowadays dependent at a large extend to raw materials of animal origin. What is less notorious is that certain practices allowing the production of these goods can imply various degrees of animal suffering. Some sheep are facing the so-called practice of “mulesing”, which consist in the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin, some geese are plucked alive, wild animals will spend their entire life in small cages, irrespective of their intrinsic needs, etc. In reaction to the growing concern in the consumers, the governmental bodies, producers, retailers and organisations from the civil society designed together high animal welfare standards to be applied in the fashion industry.


Pierre SULTANA, Director of the European Policy Office of FOUR PAWS in Brussels, expressed his satisfaction regarding the vote and explains that “FOUR PAWS is very active working with the fashion industry to define and implement high standards in the garment sector. Today’s vote is not only the recognition that animals used in fashion can suffer, it’s also the recognition that high animal welfare standards should be the norm in the fashion industry.”


Access to AMENDMENTS - Draft report - EU flagship initiative on the garment sector can is available here


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