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Conference on “The Illegal Puppy Trade: towards a safer EU for Animals and people online?"




  • 21st November 2018




The CEO of VIER PFOTEN Helmut Dungler, Eurogroup for Animals and the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council are glad to inform you that the Conference on “The Illegal Online Puppy Trade: Towards a safer EU for animals and people online” will take place at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels on November 21st 2018.


About the Conference:


The Conference will bring together key stakeholders across the industry (veterinarians, breeders, lawyers, politicians and NGOs) to examine the challenges raised by the illegal trade in puppies online. It will feature solutions from Member States, the online classifieds market and will be presenting opportunities within the upcoming EU Animal Health Law.


The conference will be followed by a cocktail reception.




Adopted in 2016 and applicable in all EU member states from 21 April 2021, the Animal Health Law consolidates over 45 existing basic acts and over 100 subordinate pieces of EU law. By setting the tone for higher prevention, protection and control measures against transmissible animal diseases it establishes a link between human health, animal health and animal welfare. The AHL presents an unprecedented opportunity to address the illegal puppy trade by providing traceability of breeders’ and sellers’ establishments and the operational basis for effective transparency in their activities.


FOUR PAWS has been campaigning to call on eBay to do more to restrict the anonymous pet trade, taking place on its classified ad sites.

Session 1 - Andrew Robinson

Session 1 - Sarah Ross, Joanna Randall, Martina Pluda

Session 1 - Mia Scott

Session 1 - Remi Gelle

Session 2 - Rony Doedijns

Session 2 - Marie-Christine Rossmann  & Paolo Zucca

Session 2 - Viktor Szontagh

Session 3 - Commissioner Andriukaitis

Session 3 - Graeme Cooke

Session 3 - Regeer & Poulie

Session 3 - Joe Moran