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2017 Mislabelled and Misleading: fur labelling problems in the EU market: report launch


New report calls for clearer labelling of real fur products in the EU - Why Consumers need clear labelling of all real fur products

Brussels, 27 September 2017

European Parliament.


The roundtable discussion hosted by Pascal Durand MEP (Greens/EFA) and John Flack (ECR) and co-organised with FOUR PAWS Europe, Humane Society International/Europe and Fur Free Alliance, addressed the urgent need for a more accurate and transparent fur labelling system to give consumers the protection they deserve.


The new report Mislabelled and Misleading: Fur Labelling Problems in the EU Market  by the Fur Free Alliance (FFA) which was presented at the European Parliament, reveals a woeful lack of compliance with an EU Regulation introduced in 2012, to alert consumers to the presence of real animal fur in textile products.


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