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2013 Conference: Wild Animals in Captivity - Animal Welfare, Law and Enforcement

From 19-20 June 2013, VIER PFOTEN/FOUR PAWS together with the Born Free Foundation, FVE and ENDCAP hold the first conference on the protection of wild animals in captivity in the EU: "Wild animals in captivity – Animal welfare, law and enforcement".

In 2012, during the evaluation of the EU Animal Welfare Strategy 2012 to 2015, both the European Parliament and Council of Ministers recognised the need to better protect the welfare of wild animals in captivity in the European Community. Despite the acknowledgement from Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty that animals are sentient, the protection of this genre of animals (in zoos, circuses, travelling menageries, rescue centres and those kept as companion animals) predominantly falls to the EU Member States to uphold. However, extensive investigations, such as those of the EU Zoo Inquiry, have revealed that competent authorities in the majority of EU Member States often lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure wild animals in captivity are provided the conditions that meet their welfare needs.


This conference, the first multi-stakeholder event in Brussels to focus on the welfare of wild animals in captivity, is a continuation of the 2012 conference on animal welfare enforcement. It aimed to review relevant investigation findings, encourage open dialogue between stakeholders, recognise existing good practice and identify workable solutions to establish greater support from the European Institutions and to assist EU Member States in their obligations to uphold high standards in animal welfare.

The partners of the conference: Will Travers (CEO Born Free Foundation), Marlene Wartenberg (Director European Policy Office VIER PFOTEN), Christophe Buhot (President of FVE), Joanna Swabe (EU Director HSI), Helmut Dungler (President VIER PFOTEN International)
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Conclusions and presentations

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the conference outcomes and recommendations and 


the presentations of the speakers.

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