Fur Farming

End the Cruel Reality of Fur Farming


Although wearing full fur coats is now outdated or synonymous with bad taste in many countries, fur is often used in smaller quantities for collars and trims. Behind the façade of the garment and fashion industry, wild animals are kept on fur farms where they spend their entire lives in wire mesh cages deprived of the ability to engage in natural behaviours – only to be cruelly killed. 

The anguish of life in these conditions causes the development of terrible behavioural abnormalities, to the point of self-mutilation or the killing of offspring. Most scientists agree that it is impossible to ensure the welfare of animals reared on fur farms. Fur production also devastates the environment. Industrial fur farms and tanneries are extremely harmful to our soil and waterways – pumping waste and toxic chemicals into the surroundings.

The FOUR PAWS European Policy Office demands an end to the farming of wild animals for their fur in Europe and calls for the protection of animals used in the fashion industry.

What you can do:

  • Support FOUR PAWS and the Fur Free Alliance by signing petitions to stop the farming of wild animals for their fur, and urge fashion brands to stop using real fur: https://www.four-paws.org/campaigns-topics/campaigns.
  • Avoid buying clothes with real fur. If in doubt, check the label. Since 2012, clothes sold in the EU containing fur trims or leather must carry the label ‘Contains non-textile parts of animal origin’. If you are still unsure (because a larger part of the product seems to be of animal origin or because the regulation is poorly enforced), do not buy this product.