Food Choices

Better Food Choices for Animal Welfare


Our food shopping and eating habits have an enormous impact on the climate and the way animals are kept. The continuing growth in meat and milk production has dramatic consequences that are well known and scientifically proven. Every year, the area of arable land used for the cultivation of feed for farm animals increases, competing with human food production. At the same time, billions of farm animals suffer in industrial farming.

This system has failed: production costs should not be the overriding factor to define farming methods – the needs of farm animals and the impact of agricultural activity on the environment and human health must be taken into account. While instruments and strategies leading to fundamental changes in consumption, production and marketing could be implemented immediately, this requires political will and the courage to confront those who profit from today's production model. And: we must change our eating habits.

Diet and animal welfare – the 'less and better’ approach

FOUR PAWS encourages people to lead an animal-friendly lifestyle by reducing their consumption of animal-based products and replacing them with plant-based alternatives and meat originating from better farming systems. To do this, we recommend the 3Rs principle: Reduce, Refine, Replace. The 3Rs principle is a great tool that can help everyone to make conscious, cruelty-free food choices. Find out in this video what it exactly stands for!

What the EPO is doing:

The EPO advocates changes in EU agricultural policy oriented towards better conditions in animal farming and aimed at reducing the production and consumption of meat.

What you can do:

  1. Reconsider your food choices by applying the 3Rs principle. Buy animal welfare-approved or veggy products.
  2. Support FOUR PAWS campaigns.