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The most effective way to protect animals over the long-term is to improve the legal framework. We attempt to achieve this, by direct action and lobbying at the national and international level and by appealing to the general public.


Fundamental changes require a broad social consensus. Our strategy is to apply professional public relations, in order to change society's perception of this issue.


Our work is founded on exhaustive background research. We operate on a sound scientific basis and cooperate closely with experts in the fields of medicine, agriculture, biology and law. We draw attention to abuses and point out their economical, political and social roots. Together with partners from businesses, science and research, we develop constructive solutions and implement these as practical models for future developments in the animal protection sector.


We are internationally active and currently have offices in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary,  the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, South Africa, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and South East Asia.


Our work is not bound by any geographic limits. FOUR PAWS is politically and financially independent.