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About us



A world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.



To be a strong, global and independent voice for animals under human control.


  • Creating sustainable solutions for animals in need
  • Touching hearts, changing consumer behaviour
  • Driving legal change
  • Building powerful partnerships



FOUR PAWS is an Austrian based International Animal Welfare Organisation with offices in ten European countries, as well as offices in South Africa, Australia, the USA and South East Asia.


FOUR PAWS was founded in 1988 in Austria to campaign against fur farms and against battery farmed eggs. During its early years the charity was very successful, closing down numerous fur farms, stopping two airlines transporting wild birds and generating awareness about the suffering of bears at tourist attractions.


In 1994, FOUR PAWS started to work internationally until, in 2003, the organisation became FOUR PAWS International. We recognized that European laws and directives that have a major impact on animal welfare across Europe may be passed at European level rather than by governments of individual countries. This is why we have a team in Brussels who take part in relevant political decision-making processes.


However, we also lobby and submit proposals to governments in individual countries where we can help improve national animal welfare laws.


Today, FOUR PAWS has offices in ten European countries, South Africa, the USA and South East Asia.Our work helps animals all over the world. This international approach allows FOUR PAWS to lobby and campaign more effectively improving animal welfare and improving thousands of animals’ lives each year.