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The Swedish Presidency (Second Half 2009)

The Kingdom of Sweden assumed the EU presidency on 1. of July 2009. The foremost priorities will be climate change as well as economy and employment. But Minister Eskill Erlandsson reveals that animal welfare and health will also be of high priority to the Swedish presidency. Some points are:


Long-term sustainable fisheries

The Presidency's overall vision for fisheries policy is to create the conditions for using resources without using them up. The use of fish resources must be sustainable in the long term, in economic, environmental and social terms.


Sound animal husbandry and healthy animals

Sound animal husbandry is essential for animals' wellbeing. Sound animal husbandry is also key to public health, consumer confidence and the economy of producers. A sound animal welfare is also important. Several proposals for new welfare legislation are in the pipeline, as regards food producing animals and animals used for scientific purposes. These issues are a priority for the Presidency. The Presidency will also continue to work on the EU strategy for animal health, `Prevention is Better than Cure' which will play an important role for future animal welfare in the EU.

Sweden expects to conclude the animal experimentation and slaughter dossiers and advance the debate in the transport dossier.