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The Polish Presidency (Second Half 2011)

Poland took over the EU presidency from Hungary on 1st July 2011 for the second half of the year 2011 (1st July – 31st December 2011). The Polish Presidency is part of the second “trio presidency” in the history of the EU, collaboration between three presidencies in a row (Poland, Denmark and Cyprus) in order to successfully comply with the requirements of the transitional period under the Lisbon Treaty.

The three main priorities of the Polish Presidency are the following: 

- European integration as the source of growth 
- Secure Europe
- Europe benefiting from openness


Attention will also be given to animal welfare and related areas and topics such as the following:

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform with focus on agricultural security, further development of agriculture in rural areas, improvement of effectiveness of EU funds while considering the interests of the market and of the public at same time

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) aiming to achieve sustainable management of fish stocks within the EU but also to manage the external fisheries policy

- Veterinary and phytosanitary isues 

- Forests and Forestry 

EU Biodiversity Action Plan, by continuing the work in relation to the implementation of the Action Plan, 

The review of the 6th Environmental Action Programme (EAP) and work which will lead to a proposal for the 7th Programme. 

The Biocidal Products Regulation and the WEEE Directive