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The Belgium Presidency (Second Half 2010)

Belgium took over the EU presidency from Spain on 1st July 2010, for the second half of the year 2010 (1st July – 31st December 2010). 
The Belgian presidency is part of the first “trio presidency” in the history of the EU, collaboration between three presidencies in a row (Spain, Belgium, Hungary) in order to successfully comply with the requirements of the transitional first period under the Lisbon Treaty. The next trio presidency will be Poland, Denmark and Cyprus. 

Therefore its long term goals are going to be the ones followed also by Spain, under the “trio presidency” programme: 

     - The 'EU 2020' strategy for growth and jobs - which is to replace the Lisbon Agenda - financial supervision
     - The social agenda 
     - Energy and climate change and 
     - Strengthening the EU's external action