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European Parliament

Overview of role and competences

- Legislative body of the EU
- Election every 5 years (next in June 2014), 7th period: 754 Members of the European Parliament
- Meetings: monthly plenary sessions in Strasbourg, additional plenary sessions and committee meetings in Brussels (secretariat in Luxembourg)
- Passing EU laws – jointly with The Council
- Exercises democratic supervision over other EU institutions, in particular the Commission (has the power to approve or reject the nomination of commissioners, and it has the right to require the Commission as a whole to step down)
- Shares power of the budget with The Council and can therefore influence spending
- Preparation in committees (AGRI, ENVI) to debate Commissions proposals before plenum on basis of background report of one committee member, the rapporteur.
- During the plenary sessions (once a month in Strasbourg and twice a year in Brussels) the Parliament (the whole plenary) examines proposed legislation and votes on amendments before deciding on the text as a whole.

The Intergroup for Conservation of species and Animal Welfare

"The Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals is the focal point for animal welfare in the European Parliament. It is open to all MEPs that are eager to debate and promote this policy issue.

The Intergroup provides updates and background information on animal related issues which are being discussed within the Institutions and raises awareness about burning conservation issues on a global level. The monthly 1 hour meetings, usually organized on Thursday mornings during the Plenary sessions in Strasbourg invite experts, stakeholders, rapporteurs and members of the European Commission and member states to exchange views on topical animal welfare issues. Such in depth debates are often difficult to organize in the EP committees which have to deal with a very large number of different dossiers".


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