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EU Citizen initiative (ECI)

The European Citizen Initative (ECI) is a new tool of the Lisbon Treaty, and it has been officialy launched in 2012. It permits to 1 million citizen, from at least 7 different Member States to submit to the European Commission an official ask to act on a EU relevant topic.


For more details on the ECI, please consult the Official Website for Citizen Initiatives

Two ECI have been launched regarding animal welfare

  • EU Directive on Dairy Cow Welfare (initiated by Annamaria PISAPIA and Julie MIDDELKOOP) - June 2012  WITHDRAWN
  • Stop vivisection (initiated by André MENACHE and Gianni TAMINO) - May 2012  VALIDATED AND ANSWERED see more

There are very few ECI because managing an ECI requires a full organisational team 100% dedicated to the issue. An ECI represents a lot of work for more than a year. This is not only a collection of signature like a petition, but a real legislative proposal submitted to strict rules procedure.