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Save the saddest bears

© FOUR PAWS | Hazir Reka

The situation of captive brown bears in Albania is critical. Kept in tiny cages near restaurants or shackled in chains and paraded as tourist attractions on beaches and in towns, these bears spend their entire lives in misery, simply for the entertainment and profit of humans.

© FOUR PAWS | Hazir Reka

FOUR PAWS strongly believes that these bears were illegally captured from the wild, as poaching and the trade in cubs throughout Albania is flourishing. 


That’s why FOUR PAWS has launched a campaign aiming to end this horrendous situation once and for all. We are looking to tackle the cruel keeping of bears in Albania, and encourage the Albanian Ministry of Environment to ban this inhumane procedure by law. Join us and stand up for systemic change in Albania to improve the lives of the bears. Sign our petition!