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EU Petition on the abolition of Council Regulation No 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing


EU Petition No 1085/2014 on the abolition of Council Regulation No 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing

 Summary of the Petition:

"In her very detailed petition, the petitioner demands the abolition of this regulation since it authorises in its article 4 the killing of animals without prior stunning on religious grounds. According to her, this measure breaches the main purpose of the regulation, which is to protect the animals from pain and fear during the killing process. She mentions that the internal inconsistency of this regulation has already been underlined by the Economic and Social Committee1 in its opinion on the proposal of this regulation, and that it also provided modern solutions to combine religious rituals with prior stunning. She estimates it all the more regrettable as there are abuses of this derogation for ritual purposes, with a generalisation of this practice even for the meat destined to the majority of citizens (without an adequate labelling informing them of this practice), as a resolution of the Parliament stated in 2012 (art.49).2 Finally, she mentions as an example of balancing animal protection and religious practices the European Court of Human Rights case law.3

3 In particular the ruling Cha'are Shalow Ve Tsedek v. France (2000)" 

Please find here the complete text of the Petition

What is a EU Petition ?

Any citizen of the European Union, or resident in a Member State, may, individually or in association with others, submit a petition to the European Parliament on a subject which comes within the European Union's fields of activity and which affects them directly. Any company, organisation or association with its headquarters in the European Union may also exercise this right of petition, which is guaranteed by the Treaty.

A petition may take the form of a complaint or a request and may relate to issues of public or private interest.

The petition may present an individual request, a complaint or observation concerning the application of EU law or an appeal to the European Parliament to adopt a position on a specific matter. Such petitions give the European Parliament the opportunity of calling attention to any infringement of a European citizen's rights by a Member State or local authorities or other institution.