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Belgium: Animal Park Planckendael killed redundant animals


A young antelope and two buffalos have been killed last month at the Animal Park Planckendael.

The Animal Park Planckendael has declared that it felt impelled to kill the surplus animals which cannot be sheltered due to shortage of space. Two buffalos and a young horned antelope have been killed and fed to other animals of the zoo. The issue with male animals of this species is that they cannot live with other males in one compound.

The Royal Society of Zoology of Antwerp (KMDA), owner of the Animal Park Planckendael announced that euthanasia is the last resort and that there is increasing effort to return redundant animals to resorts in African countries.

This is particularly criticized by animal rights activists as scimitar-horned antelope is an endangered species that is scarcely living in the wild anymore.

A similar case occurred last year, when the Copenhagen zoo killed Marius, a healthy giraffe and fed it to lions. The Copenhagen zoo had, for that procedure, brought out arguments similar to the ones maintained by the Animal Park Planckendael.


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