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Prohibition of the use of EU funds for bullfights?


Update: Rejection of the amendment by the BUDGET Committee and by the Plenary

Unfortunately, the Budget Committee rejected the amendment. But as it was accepted by the ENVI, the amendment was re-tabled in the plenary session.

During the plenary session of the 22nd of October 2014, the amendment was rejected by 309 votes against and 58 absentions. Even if the amendment collected more votes in favour than against, it didn't reach the absolute majority and was therefore rejected by the plenary.

ENVI Committee voted to stop the use of EU funds for breeding bulls for bullfights

On September 4 2014, the members of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee of the EU Parliament  (ENVI) voted in favor of an amendment to the Single Payment Scheme of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aiming to prohibit the use of EU funds for rearing bulls intended for bullfights. 

The amendment (6334) has been introduced by the Dutch MEP Bas Eickhout (Greens/European Free Alliance), following a longstanding demand of EU citizens. However, the amendment still need to be voted by the 751 MEPS during the next pleanry session of the EU Parliament (15 September) to come into force.

Please read the press release of HSI here: MEPs Praised for Voting to Halt EU Funding to Bullfighting Bull Breeders

Article of the Telegraph (UK): Britain funding Spanish bullfighting via EU subsidies