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Join the Master "Animal, Law and Society" in Barcelona


Barcelona: Master “Animal, Law and Society”, some spots are still available

Some Master spots at the Program "Máster en Derecho Animal y Sociedad" ( Master in Animal Law and Society) are still available.

Registration is still open until the 23 September.





"The master in Animal Law and Society is a professional specialisation programme which aims to train experts in animal-related professions. It is based on a comparative law perspective, while bearing in mind the needs of society as a whole. The master is highly interdisciplinary and seeks to provide integrated training in the knowledge of animals in the fields of law, ethology, nutrition and welfare, ethical dimensions, artistic representations and entertainment, organisation and social responsibility.  The master is heavily focused on practical sessions, since it aims to train professionals in handling the new challenges posed by society and its relation with animals.

The programme is addressed to those interested in developing a profession related to animals, providing them with the necessary theoretical and practical skills demanded by a society in constant communication and increasingly aware of the role a humane treatment to animals represents for sustainable development and for a peaceful coexistence. A graduate course entitled Animals, Law and Society was offered for the first time from January to May 2011.

The experience proved to be enriching and students were very interested in continuing their studies at masters level. The beginning of the 2011/12 academic year brought with it the first edition of the masters degree and eliminated the shorter graduate programme. Nevertheless, students also have the possibility of enrolling in the first two modules of the masters degree, offered as a single specialisation course in Animals, Rights and Society, and for which a certificate will be issued".

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