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Fur Free campaign #SaveKimi



FOUR PAWS has launched a new campaign aiming to ask to Burberry, the famous trademark, to be fur free. To illustrate the campaign, FOUR PAWS used the character of Kimi, a white fox as the hundreds one that are cruelly kept and brutally killed every year in Finland for the fur clothing industry.


From the end of October and throughout November, the pelts will be stripped from hundreds of thousands of foxes, mink and raccoon dogs. Almost all the farms supply fur auctioneers SAGA FURS, who in turn supply luxury brands such as the British label Burberry.

Burberry’s Reaction on #savekimi

FOUR PAWS informed Burberry at the beginning of the #savekimi campaign about the animal welfare abuses and cruelty taking place on Finnish fur farms. We also informed them about Kimi’s fate, offering to have a conversation with Burberry’s Managing Director.


We now have Burberry’s reply: The fashion label clearly states that they will not stop using fur. They are also not interested in discussing the matter with FOUR PAWS. As such, Burberry accepts the death of Kimi and remains jointly responsible for the deaths of thousands of fur animals this autumn.


Below you find the original correspondence between FOUR PAWS and Burberry:

First Letter FOUR PAWS

Burberry's Reaction

Second Letter FOUR PAWS 



On October 9, silent protest rallies over Kimi’s fate took place in London, Zurich, Hamburg and Vienna. Activists and FOUR PAWS employees have shown their support with Kimi and the millions of animals killed for fur! Now it's your turn! 


Please watch below our video on Finnish Fur Farms:




You can sign the Petition here:


Follow the campaign here: or via social medias:


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