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EU Commission's reply on the stray dogs population management in Romania


EU Commission's reply on the stray dogs population management in Romania

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As the European Commission has received many complaints about the welfare and management of stray dogs in Romania, it decided to respons in form of an offical communication, published in the Official Journal of the European Union.


We appreaciate that the Commission acknowledges VIER PFOTENs intensive work on this issue by stating: " Systematic and common information and education strategies on dog welfare are supported by the Commission cooperating with others to develop the ‘CARODOG’ website (, an informative platform on canine population management leading to responsible animal ownership as a basic principle for the promotion of companion animal welfare in the EU".


You can download the Commission's reply here.




Further reading on this topic

On October 1st, EU Commissioner Tonio Borg sent a letter to Mr NICOLĂESCU GHEORGHE-EUGEN, the Romanian Minister for Health who is responsible for controlling stray dogs in Romania, regarding the new Romanian stray dogs law.

The letter aims to remind Romania to its international obligations, and in particular the OIE guidelines on stray dogs population management which states that killing should only be a last resort solution. The letter also refers to Article 13 TFEU considering all animals as sentient beings.

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