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An Italian undercover investigation denounced the brutality of live feather plucking in Hungary


On the 2nd of November the Italian TV programme “Report” broadcasted the investigation conducted by the journalist Sabrina Gianninni who, by using a hidden camera, managed to document the illegal practice of live feather plucking in Hungary.


The plucking on live animals results in skin injuries and severe pain for 100% of the geese. As testified by the investigation, the brutality of this practice is particularly significant in farms where the workers are remunerated on the basis of piecework. Here, in fact, the mortality rate of the geese is about 20%.


The report particularly exposes the luxury brand “Moncler” which, in order to raise its profits, purchases this illegal and cheaper feathering in Hungary and commissions the production and assembly of its jackets (whose final price is about €1,000) to firms located where the average salary is lower than in Italy.


Following the broadcasting of this investigation a flow of outraged messages started on social network and public media and in the stock market the shares of the brand sharply collapsed.


Currently, there is an unclear legal situation in the EU in terms of the plucking of live geese. On one hand the so called live plucking is implicitly forbidden by the general EU Directive 98/58 on the protection of animals kept for farming purposes. On the other hand the so called plucking during the moult or harvesting is not forbidden. The VIER PFOTEN/FOUR PAWS welcomed the result of this investigation as a further prove that the EU Commission should establish a clear ban of live plucking with regard to ethical reason (Animal Welfare) and economic reasons (competition distortion).

The video

Here the link to the investigation