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Stray Dogs: EU Commission recalls Romania to respect OIE Guidelines on stray dogs population control


EU Commissioner Tonio Borg: All members of the World Animal Health Organization must respect guidelines on stray dog population control

FOUR PAWS calls on Romania to take its full responsibility instead of just a killing approach

Brussels, 19 September 2013 – Yesterday in an overall Animal Welfare debate in the European Parliament with the “Intergroup on the Welfare & conservation of animals” in Brussels, the EU Commissioner for Health Tonio Borg, stated that the EU Commission has no legal competence to act on the stray animals in Romania. However he said that the EU Commission can and will remind the Member State to comply with respective international agreements, such as the guidelines of the World Animals Health Organisations (OIE) in the Terrestrial Animal Health code, where killing is a method to be used when all other methods don’t show effect.


“Of course, Romania is affected by the tragic death of a children, but this is not a reason for arbitrary” Stated Commissioner Borg. "Member States have the positive obligation to respect the principle of Article 13 saying that animals are sentient beings“.


“FOUR PAWS welcomes this statement of the EU Commission, not to stay on the formal legal level, but to use the political role as ‚Guardian of The Treaties’”, states Marlene Wartenberg, Director of the European Policy Office of FOUR PAWS. For Romania, as member of the OIE, this means an important political impact, having agreed to the Terrestric guidelines on stray dog population control including the hierarchy of methods. "Romania has to try now much harder to establish a sustainable solution“, stresses Gabriel Paun, Campaign Director of FOUR PAWS. „To decide only on a law for killing is illegal and in contradiction to the international agreement. The methods tried so far are insufficient, not coordinated and therefore without effect. It is time to face this fact. The authorities must start a nation wide coordinated and longterm campaign including neutering, micro chipping and registration as well as implementation of adoption programmes.“


On the 17th of September FOUR PAWS addressed the Constitutional Court through the Romanian public attorney, in order to stop the mass killing of stray dogs before the president could sign the law. Additionally 30 members of the Romanian Senate had also contested the law. The law is scheduled to be discussed at the Constitutional Court on the 25th of September. Until this final decision of the Court the law is not valid.