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A platform for Animal Welfare Lawyers


The Website of the European Enforcement Network of Animal Welfare Lawyers and Animal Welfare Commissioners has been officially launched by VIER PFOTEN / FOUR PAWS today in Brussels


On 22 January 2013, the new website for improving enforcement of European Animal Welfare legislation has been officially launched by the European Policy Office of the International Animal Welfare Organisation„VIER PFOTEN Stiftung für Tierschutz / FOUR PAWS“. The website, created with the partnership of Stiftung für das Tier im Recht, Deutsche juristische Gesellschaft für Tierschutzrecht (DJGT), and the Research Group ADS/ALS of the Universitat Autá½¹noma de Barcelona (UAB) is a platform for the exchange of legal facts and knowledge as well as practical political experience related to animal welfare enforcement structures and tools in the Member States. Target groups are Animal Welfare lawyers, Animal Welfare Commissioners, Animal Welfare Ombudspersons, Veterinarians, Politicians, Animal Welfare Organisations.


Thanks to this user friendly website, with few clicks the user will be able to access to identified EU animal welfare legislation enforcement challenges as well to the level of enforcement of the Member States.

The map on the first page also permits to discover already existing national specific animal welfare political and juridical enforcement tools in the 27 Member States, but also in acceding Countries.

Of course, the website also offers an access to all EU legislation and policies but also to non legislative enforcement related information such as EU Parliament written questions or official enforcement reports. National Animal Welfare legislation are also accessible.

Last but not the least, in its “services” category, the website permit to students or job seekers to find an animal welfare legal course or even an internship or a job in the Animal Welfare area. The same category will be in the future enriched with a legal animal welfare glossary and helpful links.


Marlene Wartenberg, Director of EPO, stated “The website has been welcomed as a very good practical and educational tool, by representatives of the Cabinet and of the Animal Welfare Unit of the EU Commission, DG SANCO, by members of National Permanent Representations as well by NGOs. This is an encouraging start”. 


The Enforcement Network Website is now available at:


This website is one of the tools of the European Enforcement Network created on 13th June 2012, as an outcome of the EU Conference "Enforcement of Animal Welfare related Legislation", organised by VIER PFOTEN / FOUR PAWS European Policy Office and Eurogroup for Animals. The conclusion of this conference has underlined the lack of uniform and coherent enforcement of EU legislation. Taking this in consideration, the Network has been created by VIER PFOTEN with the overall goal to develop a sustainable “culture of enforcement” in advantage of the animals.


The Network already counts more than twenty members, all animal welfare lawyers or practitioners working for animal welfare legislation.

The website is entirely open to public, but full membership of the Network is limited to Animal Welfare Lawyers and Animal Welfare Commissioners who a) have a proven qualification by studies or by professional experience in the Animal Welfare area and b) who will be prepared to work actively to elaborate with us in working groups e.g. criteria for the future EU Enforcement Strategy. However, an observer membership is also open to persons working for animal welfare law without being educated animal welfare lawyers, and to veterinarians.

For further information, please contact Sophie Duthoit at